Featuring (Invitado) Jaci Velasquez

12 canciones.

12 canciones featuring Jaci Velasquez.



2001 Varios artistas – El último adiós


2002 Kirk Franklin – The blood song (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2002 Voices of Hope – In God we trust


2008 Cindy Cruse Ratcliff – Glorify
Your name (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2013 Eddie Martinez – Reinas (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2013 Niel Higgins – We’ll tell the world (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2014 Nic Gonzales – Noche de paz (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2014 Tim Rushlow – Let the Lion roar (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2015 Nic Gonzales – Noche de paz (Live) (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2019 Brennin Hunt – Can’t hold a candle (feat. Jaci Velasquez)


2019 Jaci Velasquez – You can never go down the drain


2019 Matt Redman – Always grace (feat. Jaci Velasquez)

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